Drabble Collection – Multi Shots.

[Multi shots] Inside the Fairy Tales World [IFTW]

Author: Lapis Lazuli. Rating T+. Tagged with a lot of categories. On-going. Maybe Endless.

[Drabble Collection] Fragments of Memories [FoM]

Author: Lapis Lazuli. Rating T. Sad, bittersweet, hurt/comfort, memories… Shiro-centric. Completed.

[Drabble Collection] Nhật Ký Sống Chung Với Sinh Vật Huyền Bí [Mascot]

Author: Lapis Lazuli. Artist: Yui Lê, Vương Khởi Tà, Lev Bay… Rating T. Funny, humour, cute and sweet, fluff… On-going.

[Series] Bittersweet | Cakes & Drinks AU

Author: Lapis Lazuli, Kusano Sakura. Rating K to T. Humour, cute and sweet, fluff. A little bit sad, hurt/comfort… On-going.

[Series] Giấc mơ trưa

Author: Nguyên Thanh. Rating T. Humour, slice of life, cute and fluff. Completed.