[Series] Bittersweet | Cakes & Drinks AU.

Author: Lapis Lazuli (Laz). Co-author: Kusano Sakura (Alice).

Fiction: Bittersweet.

Disclaimer: I only own my words.

Rating: K to T.

Characters: Project Quốc Ca Thế Sự của Yepurr. Bonus some OCs.

Category: Fluff, friendship, bromance, cute and sweet, a little sad, hurt/comfort…

Length: Series oneshot/ ficlet/ drabble.

Status: On-going. Maybe Endless.


List of shots:

1: Milk and cookies2: Matcha tiramisu – 3: Espresso

4: Just a rendezvous5: Camera and drawings



Please tell me what do you think about this ~

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